Ski Area


The Sitas Ski Area is an explosive blend of winning elements that will make your ski trip unique! Large slopes that are perfectly groomed every night and beautifully sunkissed from the crack of dawn until late afternoon thanks to their southeasterly exposure.

We are very easy to reach: the Ski Area is directly accessible from the pedestrian area of the centre of the town and is also served by a large, free-to-use car park just 50m from the departure point of the ski lifts; alternatively, for anyone who prefers to use public transport, the closest bus stop (also 50m away) is served by all the bus lines; for anyone who prefers to get around with skis on as much as possible, the Ski Area can also be reached by using the various links between the Small Skilifts of Livigno which, at low altitude, converge downhill from the Ski Area itself. 

From the town, which sits at around 1800m, the Sitas Ski Area rises to 2700m at its panoramic peaks, where it is also possible to link up with the sister Ski Area Carosello 3000. Finally, to offer you the maximum level of comfort, near the Sitas Ski Area you will also find refreshment facilities, equipment rental services and the skiing school. At the Sitas, there’s absolutely everything you need to enjoy fantastic days on the snow… All that’s missing is you!


Our slopes

The Sitas has a total of 14 different slopes of varying difficulty levels. The slopes stretch from the level of the town up to around 2700m above sea level. The Ski Area is therefore varied and dynamic, suitable for the skill levels and tastes of all different skiers.



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Our lifts

The Sitas Ski Area has a total of 4 modern and efficient automatic cable car systems capable of travelling at an average speed of 5 metres per second: The “Livigno – Tagliede” and “Tagliede – Costaccia” gondola lifts, the “Valandrea Vetta” chairlift and finally the “Fontane Vetta” chairlift.

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