Walking at high altitude
You can travel as little or as much as you like, go at a steady pace or a more relaxed one, stop whenever you fancy for a relaxing break and enjoy the breathtaking views all around you, plus… you are at the heart of it all!


Hiking is a term which has only recently been introduced, but it refers to a traditional and timeless sport: walking in the mountains! The latest evolution of hiking benefits from the option of arriving at high altitude hiking spots with ski lifts and, from there, walking further up the heights until you reach the final boundary between earth and sky, before then starting the downhill leg on a picturesque journey amidst all the nature the mountain has to offer. Hiking is potentially suitable for everyone because it allows each hiker to stick to their limits rather than being forced into other people’s difficulty levels!

Clothing and equipment

For the best hiking experience, it is important to wear the appropriate clothing:  
  • T-shirt and shorts, which should be wind- and cold-resistant, but also breathable;
  • a K-Way and a sweatshirt, considering that the weather can change quickly in the mountains and the temperature difference between sunny moments and cloudy, rainy ones is fairly drastic;
  • comfortable but durable hiking boots, or walking boots;
  • sunglasses, sun visor, suncream, to protect your eyes, head and skin from the sun (which is a little more aggressive in the mountains than it is elsewhere);
  • walking poles, to better balance the effort required between the arms and the legs, and to help you find the right rhythm;
  • and, last but not least, a backpack, a water bottle and the map of trails and paths.


What is the best way to get around in the Mountain Area?

Sitas offers a variety of trails for hiking enthusiasts! The trails vary in terms of length, average altitude, height difference between start and end points, steepness, etc…: there’s something for everyone and you’ll undoubtedly be able to find the best fit for you by looking at the paths and trails section. Which one feels right for you? A more peaceful and scenic route, or a more exciting and challenging one?

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