The final frontier in evolution
Running is a way to get rid of stress and recharge your batteries, an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life… a step towards self-affirmation…!


Running is a discipline which has historically been practised on asphalt, and as such can be considered a more ‘urban’ sport! Recently, the practice of trail running – i.e. running on dirt tracks – has started to spread, particularly trail running in the mountains. That’s how high-altitude training catalyses the sport’s beneficial effects on body and mind!

Clothing and equipment

The most important piece of equipment for high-altitude running is definitely a good pair of shoes. This is because running at high altitude in the mountains is a different beast from running on asphalt: the ground is different, irregular, yielding, slippery, but the running mechanics and rhythm are also different. Trail running shoes protect and support the foot, as well as providing more grip. Below are some further accessories to bear in mind when going trail running:
  • tight T-shirt and shorts, which should be wind- and cold-resistant, but also breathable;
  • a K-Way and a sweatshirt, considering that the weather can change quickly in the mountains and the temperature difference between sunny moments and cloudy, rainy ones is fairly drastic;
  • sunglasses, sun visor, suncream, to protect your eyes, head and skin from the sun (which is a little more aggressive in the mountains than it is elsewhere);
  • and, last but not least, a backpack, a water bottle and the map of trails and paths.


What is the best way to get around in the Mountain Area?

Sitas offers a variety of trails for high-altitude running enthusiasts! For a muscle warmup, we suggest the “Panoramica”, whereas for one of the highest altitude trails, we would definitely recommend the Sentiero Della Cresta, although the entire selection in the trails and paths section is worth checking out! Choose where you’d like to run, just a few steps away from heaven!

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